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House cleaning in Brisbane to suit all budgets

Houses get dirty. It’s a fact of life. And cleaning can often be a chore, whether it’s keeping the kitchen clean, the bathroom spotless or the bedrooms neat and tidy. But now, you can leave it to the house cleaning Brisbane experts at Houseproud!

We charge an affordable hourly rate – But make sure you save even bigger,

by scheduling weekly or fortnightly cleans!

Regular House Cleaning Service Your house cleaner will perform a full home clean using your products and equipment at an hourly rate. $26/hr
One Off Cleaning Perfect for preparing for an event or visitors. $30/hr

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Helpful Brisbane House Cleaners

Don't worry if you are not too sure about what cleaning products are best for your clean. Our helpful staff or even your Houseproud cleaner can recommend cleaning products that may be ideal for your home.

Servicing all suburbs of Brisbane North and Brisbane South, no job is too big for our professional, trustworthy cleaners. They will attend to your instructions and also are happy to listen to you in identifying those areas that need ‘special attention.’

Houseproud cleaners want to clean the way YOU want and are always ready to listen to your advice and feedback. It’s all about personal service when choosing Houseproud as your cleaning services Brisbane specialists.

For regular, scheduled cleaning, you keep the same Houseproud cleaner, making sure you don't continually have to explain your cleaning requirements each time. It’s just one way we keep things simple and efficient in dealing with Houseproud.

  • Pricing available for all types of Brisbane House Cleaning

    Regular house cleaning doesn’t need to cost an arm and a leg either. It’s much more affordable than you probably imagine. It frees up your valuable time, so you can spend it on the more important stuff, rather than the hassle of keeping your place neat and tidy.

    Houseproud provides cost-effective house cleaning services. We charge by the hour - the cost of your clean depends on how big your house is and how much detail you require. Take a look at our price guide below and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with our friendly staff.

    To get the most out of your houseproud cleaner and to save more money, do a quick tidy-up to "clear the decks" for your cleaner, so they can get straight to work. The more you put away at the start, especially basic items such as shoes, plates and dishes and other easy to pack away belongings, the more time your Houseproud cleaner has to access the bigger duties.

    This is particularly useful when requiring your houseproud cleaner to concentrate on your floors. The less time they have to spend moving items to make floor cleaning space, the more time they can spend getting them super clean for you.

  • Our House Cleaning PRICE GUIDE

    Regular House Cleaning $26/hr

    Your home cleaner will do a full clean of your whole house at an hourly rate of $26.

    Our regular house cleaning service is charged hourly and gives you the flexibility of having a Houseproud cleaner come routinely weekly or fortnightly, for a specific amount of time. We want to offer you versatility when it comes to your house cleaning Brisbane service.

    Whether you want a few hours of cleaning done or an entire day spent cleaning the place from top to bottom on a regular basis, this is the house cleaning service for you.

    Like our quick clean, our cleaners will prioritise the difficult cleaning places/according to your instructions, for example the kitchen and bathroom. Being a regular cleaning service, feel free to customise the order of tasks your Houseproud cleaner will tackle during their visit and change the areas targeted whenever you wish.

    With this in mind, over time, your cleaner will be more effective cleaning the areas that are important to you. And if you need to make adjustments to the current arrangement, you can speak to your cleaner directly or contact one of our staff members who will instruct them on your behalf.

    One Off Cleaning $30/hr

    As the name implies, one off cleans are great in those situations where you need a professional house cleaning Brisbane North or South service for general tidiness. Charged by the hour like our regular house clean service, but without the obligation to have weekly/fortnightly cleaning assigned, a one-off clean is the perfect solution for many circumstances.

    You might want to get your home nice and tidy for that big social event and need a one-off clean to assist you in getting ready. Likewise, you may require a one-off clean for AFTER that big event to return things back to normal, nice and clean.

    At competitive pricing and your choice of the number of hours your cleaner spends devoted to making your home spotless, one-off cleans can be the practical solution for a wide range of scenarios.

  • The Houseproud Difference - Cleaning Services Brisbane

    Experience the Houseproud difference when selecting us as your professional Brisbane cleaning service. With expertly trained cleaners that you can rely on, you can trust your Houseproud cleaner to have a keen eye for detail and commitment to achieving the best results for your home.

    When you select Houseproud, you’re getting more than just a house cleaner. You’re getting someone who is truly passionate about their work, someone who takes real pride in their cleaning while being friendly, courteous and professional.

    With over 27 years providing excellent house cleaning services in Brisbane, our main goal is to make certain you get the most value for your money when it comes to professional home cleaning. We only settle for complete customer satisfaction, which is why we make such a big deal over prioritising your cleaning needs, in your home or apartment.

It’s old fashioned affordable service from your leading Brisbane cleaners, Houseproud! Give us a call on (07) 3255 8333, or send us an email at info@houseproud.net.au, and make an arrangement to get your place professionally cleaned today!

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